Theme Park 'freemium' version includes $60 DLC

Though it's not yet available in the US, EA Mobile's new iOS version of the Theme Park series--recently launched via iTunes in Canada--is reportedly sporting some rather pricey DLC. The mobile edition of the game still focuses on building rides and attractions to make tiny, virtual customers happy, a couple of changes related to its new 'freemium' pricing model will certainly raise some eyebrows.


AOL's Games blog, provided some impressions after giving the Canadian release a test drive. Apparently, the game has been simplified a bit for iOS devices, in that the park's layout--including things like pathways and trash cans--are already in place. The player chooses which structures to build on various sized plots of land in order to expand and increase the park's value.

Many of the game's better attractions are seemingly locked based on the player's level, and progressing from one level to the next sounds like a time-consuming and unnecessarily arduous process. As in many other free-to-play games, some of the game's better items can only be purchased with Tickets, a premium currency which players can purchase with real-world money.

An example of "a Skull-Train roller coaster" was cited, which will cost players the "equivalent of more than $60 to purchase."

Most of us are far too rational to fork over the cost of buying a AAA retail title for a piece of iOS DLC. Some may even find that kind of attempted consumer-gouging offensive. That said, it's not the worst example of such practices that we've seen which would be the $500 in-game weapon for Glu's Gun Bros, also for iOS.