QUBE, first Indie Fund game, coming December 16

The Indie Fund, a funding pool created by successful indie developers, has gotten its first due date on one of the projects it helped raise. QUBE, a first-person game that uses colored cubes to complete a series of challenge puzzles, will hit on December 16. It will be available on Steam, Desura, and Playsim for $14.99.

The game was built as an undergraduate program prototype, and then developed into a full game. The Indie Fund blog says it's unusual for being developed without a programmer. The team apparently only used the Unreal Development Kit and its scripting tools.

"For almost two years we've been reviewing submissions, discussing games, writing checks, providing guidance and feedback, and wondering whether our investment experiment is working," the blog states. "Certainly, we have helped a few developers bring their vision to life, but it's not until those games are released that we will know if we fulfilled our main goal: to help promising developers get, and stay, independent. With Q.U.B.E.'s release, and more releases coming soon, this question will begin to be answered."

Check out the trailer below.