Defense Grid getting GLaDOS-infused DLC December 7

Defense Grid: The Awakening is getting its first story expansion next week, December 7. Titled "Defense Grid: You Monster," the downloadable content will feature GLaDOS from the Portal series. It will cost $4.99 on Steam or 400 MSP on Xbox 360, and requires the original game to play.


The expansion consists of eight new levels and 35 challenge missions, facing off against both aliens and GLaDOS' tests. Hidden Path claims it packs new achievements and a whopping 15 hours of playtime. Plus, the studio released the free Community Challenge update today, with improved UI, more than 30 new challenge missions, and five new game modes.

Defense Grid has intersected with the world of Portal before, as it was one of the first indie games to catch attention as part of Valve's Potato Sack ARG. This eventually led to intrepid fans unlocking Portal 2 a few hours early.