Angry Birds: The Hunt for the Golden Pistachio launches today, optimized for Google Chrome

Have you honed your Angry Bird skills? Good, because you'll be able to win prizes with the latest Rovio release: Angry Birds: The Hunt for the Golden Pistachio. Sponsored by Wonderful Pistachios, this tie-in game is playable on your computer's browser, preferably Google Chrome according to the numerous pop-ups that appear on the site.

It looks, sounds, and plays just like the Angry Birds you've come to know on other platforms. But this time, you're vying for prizes totaling more than $300,000.

The first two levels of The Hunt for the Golden Pistachio are available for everyone to play. However, to play later levels and enter for prizes, you'll have to find "Get Crackin'" codes in specially marked bags of Wonderful Pistachios. Golden Pistachios will be randomly distributed within levels 3-5, and if you successfully hit and crack open the pistachio, you'll win one of the 20,000 prizes available.

Most of the prizes are a $1 off coupon. However, you can also win an Angry Birds plush toy, or the grand prize of $25,000.

You can start playing the game here. The promotion ends on December 31, after which all the levels will unlock for crazed Angry Birds addicts to play over and over again.