Absolute Supercars races onto PSN in December

This December on PlayStation Network, Eutechnyx will introduce the world to a new team of heroes in Absolute Supercars, the veteran racing game developer announced today. The 40-strong superteam all have the amazing superpower of... driving really fast? Oh! I see. Sorry about that.

Absolute Supercars will pack more than 20 tracks, with real-world raceways including Silverstone and Nürburgring, as well as some from Eutechnyx's head. You'll get to race around these by yourself or online with up to 16 players, in over 40 cars you can customize inside and out.

Eutechnyx also boasts of "dynamic difficulty," with "assisted," "arcade" and "simulation" controls.

Absolute Supercars will cost $9.99 when it hits PSN in December.

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