Batman: Arkham City DLC continues December 20th, features challenge maps

You've solved every Riddler challenge, collected all of Catwoman's loot, and conquered every challenge map as Robin and Nightwing. So, now what?

Rocksteady isn't quite done doling out DLC for Batman: Arkham City. December 20th marks the next expansion for the Batman simulator, and it appears to be a map pack.

A tweet from over the weekend details the next add-on content. Three challenge maps will be available to download: the Batcave, Joker's Carnival, and the Iceberg Lounge.

Joker's Carnival was previously available as a pre-order bonus at GameStop. You can see the map in action in this promotional trailer:

The Iceberg Lounge was previously available exclusively with the Collector's Edition. You can see the map in action here:

It's unlikely this DLC release will be accompanied by any new achievements/trophies. No pricing info has been announced yet, either. Stay tuned for more.