What do you want for Christmas, Steve?

It's the question that can slam the brakes on the holiday spirit; it stopped poor Ralphie dead in his tracks in that fateful moment when he finally got to Santa. "What do you want for Christmas?" So, to help make this the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny Kaye, the Shacknews editors present some of our answers for this holiday season to help you be ready for when you get put on the spot during the 2011 Holiday Season. If my family asks, I'd say... The holidays are a nice time for the family to play together. While I’ve given up any hope of most of my family understanding video games, there’s a chance I could interest them in some tabletop gaming. Dominion Cornucopia is the latest expansion for the popular deck-building game, and it apparently rewards my usually-accidental “buy one of everything” strategy. I get one more Dominion set, and my family gets some quality time learning a new game. Seems like a win-win to me.

Dominion Cornucopia

If my friend asks, I'd say... Friends understand geekery better than most, and as I’ve recently rekindled my love affair with comic books, I would ask for the collected Batman: Arkham City trade paperback. The series starts a little slow, but has great standout moments and some of the better recent Batman art to boot. Not only is it a well-written story, but it serves as a great companion piece to the Arkham City game, so Batmanphiles should get a kick out of the expanded lore.

'Batman: Arkham City' graphic novel

If I hadn't already broken down and gotten it, I'd have to say... I have fond memories of winter break during my college years. College vacations are gloriously long, making the winter recess last nearly a month. It was a great time to dig in and lose myself in hours upon hours of a meaty, rich experience like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. With so much to do and explore, not to mention re-rolling to play differently, it’s a game that could easily keep me occupied for the entire vacation and then some. I’ve already played the game to completion -- and I use the word loosely -- but somewhere out there a college freshman is going to be exploring the wintery vistas and snow-kissed mountaintops of Skyrim for the first time while sipping hot cocoa on Christmas day. I envy that kid.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

When I wind up with gift cards, I'll go get... Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network cards, so I’m nicely set to snag the various pieces of inevitable DLC that will hit for all of this year’s big holiday releases. As Batman has taught me, winning is in the preparation.