Vita to get three free augmented reality games

Just like the Nintendo 3DS, augmented reality will be one of the big "selling points" of Sony's upcoming Vita handheld. And just like Face Raiders on the 3DS, Vita will come with its own suite of free augment reality games.

Sony is planning to release six games at launch, with three available for free.

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The launch titles include:

  • Pulsar (working title) is reminiscent of the laser puzzles from Portal. You'll have to arrange AR cards in order to guide a laser beam to a goal.
  • TableTop: Sports Diving (working title) has you launching characters off your real-world table, attempting to dive into a pool.
  • Pocket Garden (working title) lets you grow plants out of your AR cards.
  • Fireworks (working title) appears to be an AR card-less augmented reality version of Frequency. (We hope we're right!)
  • Pocket War (working title) is a tabletop tank battle game.
  • FlickBall (working title) lets you turn your table into a virtual soccer arena.

Unfortunately, the announcement doesn't clarify which of these six launch games will be free. Thankfully, all of the titles appear to be worthy tech showcases. (And beggars can't be choosers, right?)