League of Legends season 2 launches

With season one firmly in the books, League of Legends has now launched season two. The second round of competitive gaming introduces a significantly bigger prize pool spread across various events, and developer Riot Games will be broadcasting highlights through its Web site throughout the event.

A launch trailer for the season teases the $5 million prize pool, $2 million of which will be given to the winning world championship team. Local events will let you stake a claim at a chunk of that cash, even if you don't make it to the finals.

Of course, you'll have more competition too. Riot recently announced the game is now tallying around 4 million players daily, and 11.5 monthly active players. Check out the trailer below.

BOOM video 11244

[Ed. Note: The language in this post originally stated 'Season Two' was still on the way. As of yesterday, it has actually launched. We apologize for the error.]