World of Warcraft celebrates seventh birthday

Have you remembered to get World of Warcraft a present for its birthday? For shame! Blizzard's MMO adores its players so much, it's actually giving players presents to celebrate the seventh anniversary of its launch on November 23. Now, don't you feel guilty for not returning the thoughtful gesture?

To join in the birthday fun, simply log into WoW between now and December 3, Blizzard explains. You'll receive the special Celebration Package item, which grants a 7% bonus to XP and Reputation gains from kills, and gives you a special birthday tabard.

You'll also get a Feat of Strength to show everyone you turned up in your party frock.

It's been seven hugely successful years for WoW. Though the number of active 'subscribers' has dipped down to 10.3 million from a peak of 12 million, that's certainly nothing to sniff at.

Here, if you're still feeling bad about not having a gift for yer old pal WoW, this'll make you feel better about being so cruel: a new World of Warcraft television commercial starring Chuck Norris, star of the Internet meme and some television show or another.