Watch Minecraft's launch at MineCon keynote

Though many of you may have been playing Minecraft for donkey's years now, the celebrated dig 'em up only launched officially at its convention MineCon over the weekend.

Creator Markus 'Notch' Persson was joined on stage in Vegas by folks from developer Mojang, Microsoft, the Minecraft community, Mega64, and more, as he prepared to flip the big "Activate Minecraft" switch during the keynote event on Friday.

Now it has officially launched, the Windows, Mac, and Linux edition has gone up to $26.95. A Pocket Edition of Minecraft is available for iOS and Android devices too, priced at $6.99. An Xbox 360 edition is also in the works, and was playable at MineCon.

The launch fun was captured by Gamespot, who had a camera on the scene.