Nintendo says 3DS on pace to 'surpass' first-year DS sales

Its troubled start had many investors, journalists, and gamers believing that the 3DS was a flop for Nintendo. However, since the release of several high-profile games and a sizable price cut, it appears that Nintendo's fortunes are turning around. In a press release, the company has announced that the 3DS has reached 1.65 million units sold in the US, and is "posed to surpass first-year sales" of the original DS.

If the 3DS does outpace year-one sales of the DS, it will become the new "best-selling game platform in US history," according to the publisher.

In order to beat the DS, Nintendo will need to sell over 2.37 million units of the 3DS by March 2012. With the holiday season about to go into full swing, Nintendo is confident that it can amass more than the 700,000 units it needs to achieve that goal. The launch of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 will undoubtedly help sway shoppers towards Nintendo's new handheld.

“With a massive lineup of software on the way and the first-year sales record of Nintendo DS in its sights, Nintendo 3DS enters its first holiday season with a full head of steam,” Nintendo EVP of sales & marketing Scott Moffitt said in the press release.