EverQuest 2 going free-to-play in December

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that it will combine its current free-to-play version of EverQuest II with its standard title, hopefully minimizing complaints of a divided community.

A letter published from EverQuest II producer Dave Georgeson earlier today explained the decision: "We believe the key to meeting your expectations is to provide more flexibility and to deliver what you want when you want it, whether it's basic game content, full subscription access to the game, or something in-between. So in early December we're going to change things to be 'Free to Play. Your Way.'"

The plan to combine the free-to-play EverQuest II: Extended and EverQuest II will place the service under a single membership umbrella. 'Bronze' memberships will now simply be referred to as 'free,' 'Silver' service has been reduced to $5 per month, and $15 per month nets players 'Gold' service.

Free and silver services come with a number of restrictions, including silver users being limited to four characters, and may only gain spells up to the Expert tier. Free member are limited to two characters and Adept-tier spells. Platinum membership is no longer available for purchase, SOE has revealed; however, exiting Platinum memberships will continue until expiration.

Full details and breakdown of each new tier are available on the official EverQuest II website.

Sony Online Entertainment also announced the EverQuest II: Age of Discovery will launch on November 30.