God of War 4 listing appears on retail site

It's been a while since we've heard from Kratos: god of war, body paint enthusiast, and winner of the Angriest Mascot Competition for five years running. He seems due for another appearance, which is why it's utterly unsurprising to see a rumor popping up of a new game in the God of War series. This one comes from a retailer that lists the game for release in September 2012, complete with a spiffy teaser image.

MightyApe (via IGN) lists the game for September 28, 2012. These dates are, of course, usually speculative.

This retail page adds fuel to the rumor fires, after a job listing for an unannounced God of War game was spotted in October. Way back in April, a rumor from unofficial PlayStation magazine PSM3 pegged the game as releasing in September 2012.


If the next God of War game does star Kratos, it would have to explain where exactly he went after the climactic battle with Zeus in God of War 3. He seemed to be knocking on Hades' door, but a post-credits sequence (below) shows a trail of his blood that implies he's still alive and kicking. Since he brutally murdered just about every Greek god except Athena, a sequel could focus on the conflict with her. She is the goddess of war, after all.

These reports seem like a bit too much smoke not to have a fire burning. Shacknews has contacted SCEA for further comment.