Fight Night Champion, now starting at $5 on PSN

EA is experimenting with new pricing models with a digital re-release of Fight Night Champion for PlayStation Network. While not exactly "free-to-play," this budget PSN adaptation takes cues from the F2P model by making the game available piecemeal.

Fight Night Champion Customizable will be available later today on the PlayStation Store for $4.99. It will include the entire "Champion Mode" from the retail game, allowing you to play through EA Sports' M-rated narrative.

"It’s all about providing choice," EA Sports producer Jazz Brousseau said in the announcement. By releasing the story mode as a standalone experience, EA hopes it will attract a larger audience that may not have purchased the full game. "We felt the story line would draw gamers in who may not be huge boxing fans. By releasing Champion Mode as a standalone at $4.99, it allows gamers who may not be looking to purchase a full boxing title an opportunity to try it out."

Because the story mode is the primary differentiator between Champion and its predecessor, Fight Night Round 4, it may even encourage gamers that picked up FNR4 to place down $5 to try out the story.

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Provided you like what the "Champion Mode" has to offer, you'll be able to download the rest of the game. Three modes will be available as separate add-ons: Fight Now, Legacy Mode, and Online Play. In order to get the Platinum Trophy, you'll have to download the entire game.

It's certainly a novel experiment on EA's part, one we hope is successful enough to start a trend. It's a great way of re-releasing old content, and at such a low price point, it's a great value for gamers.