Dead Rising 2: Off the Record 'GameBreaker' DLC costs $5

In many video games, if you fancy having infinite ammo or being invincible, you can simply tap in a cheat code. But if you want those privileges, amongst others, in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, you'll need to cough up $5 for the 'GameBreaker' downloadable content, launching today on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The GameBreaker DLC brings cheaty powers including giant hands, super damage, super speed, big head more, instant PP, messing with the clock, and more. In another game, in another time, these might have been typical cheats available for free, but you'll get to pay $5 (400 Microsoft Points) for them.

Capcom is also launching another costume pack for Frank, priced at $2 (160 MSP). Dressed as a firefighter, Frank will be immune to flames, wield the fire axe more effectively, be able to kick doors open, and move faster when carrying or helping survivors. What a hero!

Here's a look at the GameBreaker pack:

BOOM video 11140

And the Firefighter Skills Pack:

BOOM video 11141