Minecraft sales reach 4 million units

It would appear that Minecraft has far surpassed moniker of "cult-hit" as the game has reportedly sold more than 4 million copies to date.

According to Gamasutra, the indie sensation is selling faster than it ever has in the past. Based on 16 million users registered to play a free version of the game, 25 percent of them decide to upgrade to the full product.

In April, sales of the game reached two million units, with another half a million copies sold two months later. In the last four months, the game has hit the four million unit milestone. These figures do not include the Android version of the game, which launched earlier this year.

Despite its strong sales, Minecraft is only available as a beta download. The full version of the game is scheduled to launch later this month and a Kinect-enabled Xbox 360 version is poised to arrive next year.