Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer breakdown

After soaking in the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V from developer Rockstar North, the staff at Shacknews decided to point out some of the locations in the game seemingly inspired by our home state of California. After the break enjoy a quick video tour of the trailer through the eyes of a Los Angeles native and a few screen grabs of humorous signs. As an added bonus, you can read our wildly speculative theory on Grand Theft Auto V's story and playable character(s). BOOM video 11090 Based on the footage we've seen, it appears that San Andreas is falling on tough times. As a developer known to create worlds that comment on current political and social climates, it makes sense that a recession would hit the world of Grand Theft Auto. If Grand Theft Auto IV was about fighting toward the 'American Dream,' Grand Theft Auto V might be about 'Surviving' the land of the free. It's unclear if the narrator is the playable character, but there are three possibilities of who he may be in the trailer. Three people continue to appear throughout the video, including one man that some are speculating to be Vice City's Tommy Vercetti. We don't think it is, based on the man's age. There is a moment where the narrator talks about playing with his children, but things don't really work out the way you want. In this sequence, a man resembling the Vercetti lookalike enters a jewlery store with two others. Could this be a sign of a family-based crime syndicate? The other two men appear in the trailer multiple times. One character appears in a red convertible with a retractile roof, while the other appears in vehicles at a few points during the trailer as well as running from police. Is it possible Grand Theft Auto V will feature three playable characters? With expansions to Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar has shown they are willing to tell deeper stories. Maybe this will mark the first time we get three playable characters in one game. But... we're just speculating.

One of the many signs of a recession, buildings stand unfinished. Note the STD Contractors signage.

Postal Service 'Aims not to Lose' your mail. One of the many quick gags in the trailer.

Putting the 'FU' in Fumigate is another great wordplay gag.

Speculation this could be the narrator. Could he be one of the playable characters?

Speedophile 2000 is much faster than the 1500 model.

Another character, seen here driving, that appears multiple times in the trailer.

Times are tough is the constant imagery in this trailer, leading us to think GTAV will mimic today's economic turmoil.

A shot of three characters we think could be related and even make up the cast of playable characters.

With a logo that spoofs California's staple 'In-N-Out Burger,' this is another example of nods to the location that inspires GTA V.

This character, seen multiple times, may make up one of the playable characters in the game. Our wild speculation is that there are multiple playable characters in the game.

One of the many examples of businesses and homes being shut down and boarded up, a sign of a bad economy.