Dead Island dev trademarks 'Dead World'

The open-world zombie-killing adventure Dead Island seems to have performed well enough at retail for a possible sequel to be considered. It makes sense, as the game reviewed and sold fairly well, even if it didn't deliver the delicious drama present in its cinematic debut trailer.

News site Siliconera has pointed out that developer Techland has trademarked the name "Dead World," a name which implies a much bigger setting than the island of Banoi where the original game was set.

Techland hasn't officially announced that a Dead Island sequel is in the works, yet, but their recent trademark would seem to indicate that more brain-eaters are on the way.

We reached out to Techland to ask them about the trademark, but the response indicates the developer isn't commenting about it just yet. "Thanks for your interest in Techland and for contacting us," it reads. "I guess I won't surprise you much by saying that Techland isn't going to comment on the trademark at this time."