More PS2 Classics coming to PlayStation Store tomorrow

Sony introduced its downloadable PS2 Classics line at the beginning of this month, and it's gearing up to release another three titles onto the platform. This set includes vampires, farmers, and spaceships to brighten your post-Halloween candy malaise.

A PlayStation.Blog post announces that this week brings the original BloodRayne, a day late for Halloween but 365 days early for next Halloween, along with Raiden III and Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. Each of the other PS2 Classics, like Odin Sphere and God Hand, have come in at $9.99.

This is the first update of PS2 Classics since its introduction, bringing the grand total up to 8. If the company continues at this pace, we should have a wide selection of PS2 games before too long. Still, given the PS2's library reached the thousands, it will probably take quite some time before the PSN can offer anything remotely comprehensive.