Rainbow Six: Patriots domain registered

A few months, a rumor surfaced that Ubisoft was working on a new Rainbow Six game, one centered around the concept of morality. That rumor was given a fresh shot of adrenaline today, after the French publisher registered new domain names related to the series. Apparently Ubisoft is working on "Rainbow Six: Patriots," though exactly what that name mean be is unclear so far.

Ubisoft registered both variations of the name -- rainbowsixpatriots.com and rainbow6patriots.com -- on October 27.

Fusible (via PC Gamer), which discovered the URL reports that the new Rainbow Six game will be announced in Xbox World Magazine. Set in New York, the squad would be deployed to neutralize a homegrown US terrorist cell targeting Wall Street and the government. A bit on the nose, eh?

Of course, all of those details are firmly in rumor territory. For now, all we know is that Ubisoft has a Rainbow Six something-or-other in the works, and it's very patriotic.

[Screenshot from Rainbow Six Vegas 2.]