Batman: Arkham City save files disappearing for some users

A number of users on the official Batman: Arkham City forum have reported issues with save files for the Dark Knight's latest adventure.

According to an ongoing thread on the forum, users have returned to their game only to find their save files have either been corrupted or have outright vanished from their console. It appears that only Xbox 360 users are having the issue at the moment.

Rocksteady's first effort to craft an enjoyable Batman experience was marred by similar problems when it launched two years ago. A number of posts on, then publisher, Eidos' forums complained of saves suddenly becoming corrupted.

Representatives from Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have yet to comment on the complaints at the time of this writing. Shacknews has contacted representatives for the title, and will update this post if a response is offered.

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[Thanks, pokerman33]