War in the North 'Collector's Edition' unboxed and launch trailer

Not to be quietly outdone by the Skyrim Collector's Edition we unboxed earlier today, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North also comes in loot laden Collector's Edition. We cracked it open as well to see what the $140 price tag buys. The contents comes all wrapped up in a full-size leather quiver. The highlight of the package, a proper cloth map of middle earth, done in the style of a wall scroll, is wound around the two arrows it carries. Handle with care, though, we already managed to break one of the plastic arrowheads. A pouch on the front contains the game, and an art book with a soundtrack CD in it. Get a closer look at it all after the jump in our unboxing gallery, and while you're at it check out the War in the North launch trailer that debuted today as well.

A pouch on the front of the quiver holds the game and art book

Now that's a map

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