Super Meat Boy getting more free stages via Teh Internets

Last week marked a full year since Super Meat Boy hit the Xbox Live Marketplace, and Team Meat is planning a little belated birthday party. On top of some regular festivities like giveaways and contests, the team is planning to release new stages on XBLA via Teh Internets.

The announcement gives word that sometime in November, the game will be on sale on XBLA. The sale price will acompany a free update to add "tons of new levels." The "Internets" portal is Team Meat's way of using Xbox Live's Title Managed Storage feature to flow new content into the game without paid DLC.

The post also promises secrets, free copies, and new videos to make November (aka "Super Meat Month") special. For now, you can participate in the Halloween contest, submitting pictures of yourself dressed as something related to Super Meat Boy. The guidelines are loose right now, claiming you need to get your entry in via Twitter within a few days of Halloween. The winner will receive all three Super Meat Boy comics, and you still have still time to steal the lead from the current front-runner.