Uncharted 3 Facebook connectivity explained

Naughty Dog experimented with Twitter for Uncharted 2, allowing gamers to share key stats automatically from the game to the social network. The company is experimenting with a new set of features for Uncharted 3, this time with Facebook.

If your PS3 is linked to Facebook, you'll be able to see when your Facebook friends log in for a multiplayer match. You'll also be able to share your cinema files directly on Facebook (and YouTube). However, the most interesting integration with Facebook comes through the game's treasure system.

During multiplayer, you'll be able to collect treasures. Completing a set will unlock additional bonuses for use in the game. But what happens when you collect a duplicate treasure? You can share it on Facebook, and the first ten friends that click on that link will earn in-game cash. Best of all, you'll get a bonus for sharing it as well.

Uncharted 3 will be available on November 1st.