PlayStation Store launches for PlayStation Certified devices

The official PlayStation Store for 'PlayStation Certified' Android devices launched today, with a starting lineup of ten vintage PSone games for the handful of Certified gadgets.

The digital market is part of Sony's PlayStation Suite initiative, which is intended to spread the PS experience to a wider audience. However, only Sony has produced Certified devices so far, the Xperia Play and Sony Tablets.

Along with a unified environment, the Suite boasts a (not yet released) cross-platform SDK intended for developers to more easily make multiplatform PS Certified games. The Suite is also headed to the PlayStation Vita, which launches on February 22.

The launch lineup's ten PSone games, which were mostly already available for Certified gadgets, are priced at $5.99 a pop. Here's the list:

  • Cool Boarders

  • Destruction Derby

  • Hot Shots Golf 2

  • Jet Moto

  • Jet Moto 2

  • Jumping Flash!

  • MediEvil

  • Motor Toon Grand Prix

  • Rally Cross

  • Wild Arms

Sony says that it is "working closely with developers across the world" to bring more, and more varied, games and content to PlayStation Certified gizmos.