NFL Blitz coming back in 2012

EA's lock on the NFL license has made Madden the de facto football game each year, but some fans pine for the days of a less serious pigskin experience. So good news, casual fans: EA is working on a new NFL Blitz to keep the pick-up-and-play spirit alive. It's currently scheduled to release on January 3, 2012, for $14.99 (or 1200 MSP).

EGM reports that the new NFL Blitz is much more arcade than its simulation cousin, switching to 30-yard first downs and 2-minute quarters. Players make leaps and lunges to tackle and cross the goal line, and the game does away with penalties and injuries. Each team is also getting its own special play, like the New York Giants' "Big Apple" play.

The game adds a Blitz Gauntlet mode, in which you take on several teams in a row. This unlocks special character teams like Zombies, Spartans, Hot Dogs, and Big Foot. We even see 50s-era sci-fi robots in the trailer. You can also customize your roster by purchasing packs of football cards using Blitz Bucks, a currency earned from playing in different modes like Gauntlet. These packs include new players, so if you get a great player you can slip him in your team regardless of his actual affiliation. Finally, power-ups help add special abilities for your players.

The game looks vaguely reminiscent of Madden NFL Arcade, though a bit more fleshed out. Watch the first trailer below to get a taste for yourself.

[Image courtesy of EGM.]