Darklands spreads onto GOG

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 13, 2011 7:15pm PDT

Digital distributor Good Old Games today dug deep and dished up Darklands, re-releasing MicroProse's vintage RPG at $5.99. It's one of those vast, deep, complex, and open-world RPGs seemingly adored by all who played it "back in the day," and now we can all see what the fuss is about.

Darklands takes places in a semi-realistic medieval Europe, where mythical creatures of the times are real, and probably out to get to you. There are no classes or levels, you're free to roam as you please, and your party ages as you play, for better and worse--it's quite different from your average modern RPG, you see.

Head on over to GOG to buy Darklands, and read more about Darklands over on Shack sister site Mobygames.

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