Daily Filter: October 12, 2011

Shacknews receives a slew of new screenshots and trailers for upcoming games everyday. The most anticipated titles receive their own post, because we know you're eager to see that content. For the rest, we have the Daily Filter, a place to feature all of the media we add to our enormous database on a daily basis. Today's Filter features a launch trailer for Guardian Heroes HD, a hardcore trailer for Dark Souls, a contamination trailer for AMY, a launch trailer for Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin, a trailer for Saints Row: The Third, and new screenshots for MDK2 HD, Sonic Generations, and Tribes: Ascend. Guardian Heroes HD BOOM video 10782
Dark Souls BOOM video 10783
AMY BOOM video 10784
Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin BOOM video 10786
Saints Row: The Third BOOM video 10787

MDK2 HD (click to open gallery)

Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations (click to open gallery)

Tribes: Ascend

Tribes: Ascend (click to open gallery)