Silent Hill: Downpour delayed to 2012

You'll have to wait a little longer to return to Silent Hill. The next game in the series, Silent Hill: Downpour, has reportedly been pushed to the first quarter of 2012, from its original target of November. No official reason has been given for the delay, but this move would give it a little more room to breathe away from the busy fall release season.

Eurogamer received word from Konami on the delay for Europe, which puts the title in the relatively sleepy time between January and March. Shacknews has contacted Konami to confirm that the same delay applies for North America, but as of press time has not received a reply.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title is being produced by Vatra Games, the studio behind the recent revamp Rush'N Attack Ex-Patriot. The plot follows Murphy Pendleton, a prisoner who finds the spooky town after his transport vehicle crashes. Guilty consciences make for scary imagery in Silent Hill, so we're looking forward to seeing Pendleton slowly go stark-raving mad.