Batman: Arkham City adds the Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy

Okay, Rocksteady. We understand the need to overachieve sometime. But, don't you want to save some villains for a sequel after Arkham City? No? Okay, then. The latest episode of Qore, available free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, showcases two enemies for the upcoming Batman simulator. The Mad Hatter makes his first appearance for the franchise, while Poison Ivy makes a welcome return.

Poison Ivy

The ever-expanding cast of rogues, which includes Talia al Ghul, Deadshot, and of course, The Joker have a variety of roles to fill. "You can be following the main story, and we still have that main story for you to follow," director Sefton Hill told the PlayStation video magazine. "But as a player, you can also diverge off that story and do different and interesting stories as well... There's lots of different subplots going on at the same time." As previously leaked, Arkham City will feature twelve side-missions, featuring "a number of major characters." It's likely enemies like the aforementioned Mad Hatter will be relegated to these off-the-main-road quests.