Dungeon Defenders PS3 due October 18

The PlayStation 3 version of cross-platform co-op "tower defense action-RPG" Dungeon Defenders now has a release date--October 18, one day before the PC and Xbox Live Arcade versions invade our gaming devices. Celebrating the news, developer Trendy Entertainment has also released a combat-tastic new video dev diary.

Dungeon Defenders will cost $14.99 (1200 Microsoft Points). The PC and PS3 versions will support cross-platform play between each other and the already-released Android and iOS editions. Sadly, Xbox 360 players are not so lucky, stuck with their own platform-mates.

In addition, the PS3 version will support stereoscopic 3D and the PlayStation Move motion controller.

Here's that new dev diary, following on from the earlier explanation of the Build Phase with a look at the Combat Phase:

BOOM video 10671