Self-Defense Training Camp coming to Kinect

"I gotta warn you, man: I play a lot of video games," you tell the rapscallion who approaches you in the dark alley, demanding your pocket telephone. "And not that Call of Duty baby nonsense. I'm talking serious Kinect games." The ruffian hesitates but cockily passes his blade from hand to hand. "This is your last chance: I have every achievement in Self-Defense Training Camp." The knife clangs to the floor as the scoundrel turns tail and flees.

Maybe that's what'll happen after you play Self-Defense Training Camp, announced today for Kinect by Ubisoft.

While fitness games are a dime a dozen, including the macho-branded UFC Personal Trainer, Ubisoft says that Self-Defense Training Camp is "the first video game of its kind."

Ubi boldly claims that it will "help players develop the self-confidence they need to react more efficiently when facing troublesome situations, and allows players to discover ways of protecting themselves from various forms of physical assault."

Instruction comes through mini-games inspired by kickboxing and kickboxing and unspecified "martial arts," overseen by a virtual version of a real-life self-defense coach. Supposedly it'll all help hone your technique, stamina, composure and reflexes, and offer handy hints about things like being strangled.

Self-Defense Training Camp is headed to Kinect for Xbox 360 on November 8 in North America.

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