Xbox Live outage was 'human error'

If you tried to download a game or play online with Xbox Live yesterday morning, you might have been unceremoniously booted for a few hours. Microsoft has now issued a statement on the temporary outage, blaming it on "human error." You know what that means: Steve Ballmer must have tripped over the power cord again.

"Earlier [Monday] members were disconnected from Xbox Live and found themselves unable to log back in," a statement read. "This impacted LIVE users on Xbox 360 consoles, those running Zune & Games for Windows LIVE software on PCs, and Windows Phone.

"The root cause of this outage was human error. A change resulted in an interruption to normal traffic flow within our datacenters, which logged users out and prevented them from logging back in. We're sorry for this, and we’ll be updating our processes to prevent this from happening again in the future."

The outage could've been worse, since it took place during the day when most potential users would be at work or school, but it's good to know Microsoft is promising a safeguard to make sure it doesn't happen again.