Payday: The Heist delayed

"Big Nose Barry has the shooters, Hot Kev's nan knitted masks, Inconspicuous Ian got a cutting torch, Jimmy Blades on lookout, Purple Ronnie's running interference, and, as ever, Friendly Alf will be our wheels. I'm not forgetting anything, am I?" asked Petey Tong. Glancing around at the huddled slumping golems of sheepskin coats, pork pie hats and scars, he suddenly roared. "Lawks! Alf's only doing porridge for flogging hooky hi-fis to an undercover copper!"

And that's why Payday: The Heist was delayed at the last minute.

Overkill Software's crime caper FPS was slated to launch today for PC and PlayStation Network, until publisher Sony Online Entertainment announced yesterday afternoon that the job was being put off until "later this month."

"This delay is a move to ensure players and fans of our promise and vision to produce high-caliber games that deliver the best quality game experience," is the official line.

Though it will arrive later than planned, Payday is still part of Sony's PSN Play on PlayStation 3. If you've bought the promotion's four other PSN games, you'll score Payday for free.

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