A Game of Thrones RPG in the works

After a beloved book series, hit HBO adaptation, and one Emmy win, the only logical next step for A Game of Thrones is video games. George RR Martin's books have already inspired a strategy game (A Game of Thrones: Genesis). Genesis developer Cyanide has now announced it is also working on a console and PC RPG to boot.


Kotaku reports that the game's plot will take place during the first season of the TV show, telling the story of two new protagonists who have a habit of running into known characters. Cynaide is making use of character designs and assets from the show, and some actors will be lending their voices as well.

The battle system is comparable to that of Knights of the Old Republic, as the player constantly slows down time to give commands. Some choices will have consequences, but studio director Yves Bordeleau says it's more KOTOR than Mass Effect. The game is aiming to hit in early 2012.