WiiWare's Horizon Riders uses Wii Balance Board

Developer Sabarasa is prepping their first WiiWare title, an upcoming hoverboard-riding shooter called Horizon Riders. Apart from looking pretty cool, the game features a few choice bonuses: it's playable using both the Wii Balance Board and Wii Zapper.

"Horizon Riders allows players to control any of the four squad members on their mission to defeat Thau-Phi, dashing at high-speed through the surface of planet Zethos on powerful hoverboards while destroying the renegade cybernetic army with their futuristic arsenal." Sadly, we read no mention of a playable Marty McFly, who we assume owns the rights to all hoverboard technology.

Horizon Riders will launch in North America on October 6 for 800 Wii Points. Sabarasa has revealed that for four weeks beginning the day of the game's launch a special demo will be made available. The demo features "three levels and one of the four [playable] Riders that are available in the full version.

Clearly compiled to continue development on the Wii's download service, Sabarasa has also revealed its next title will be a local and online team-based FPS for WiiWare called Protocol. No release date was mentioned for the game.

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[via GoNintendo]