Psychonauts now on Mac, companion app on iOS

One of Double Fine's most beloved games, Psychonauts, is now available on the Mac. In addition, Tim Schafer's studio has released a free companion app for iOS, designed to "cause a sudden, uncontrollable rush of enthusiasm for Psychonauts" and "cause you to rush out and by the game from the Mac App Store." The "Valut Viewer" app includes all the Memory Vaults from the original game, and adds new commentary from Scott Campell and Tim Schafer.

While today's announcement is largely targeted at the Apple crowd, Double Fine hasn't forgotten its PC base either, updating the Steam version of the game.

The update adds achievements, cloud saves, and a "modified Meat Circus." Considered one of the original's most difficult sections, the update tones down the difficulty.

As of today, Steam users may download a free update to their Psychonauts game which includes--for the first time--achievements, cloud saves, and a slightly modified Meat Circus. "Mostly because I’m getting older and it’s hard for me to press buttons that quickly," Schafer explained.

You can pick up Psychonauts on Steam and the Mac App Store for $9.99. The free iOS Vault Viewer can be snagged from iTunes.