Fallout: New Vegas 'Gun Runners' DLC weapons detailed

Fallout: New Vegas is a game about choices, political strife, ethical grays, and also blowing stuff up. With the attention going towards the recent Lonesome Road downloadable content, it's easy to forget that Bethesda teased a veritable truckload of new guns coming next week. Fortunately, we got a little reminder with highlights of some of the weaponry we can expect.


The Bethesda Blog shows off several new weapons, mods, and perks coming in the Gun Runners Arsenal, and that apparently isn't even the whole set. Among them are the Cleansing Flame and MF Hyperbreeder Alpha, two new energy weapons that riff on the Flamer and Recharger Pistol weapon types. The Sprtel-Wood 9700 is a gatling laser, and the Smitty Special brings an automatic plasma bolt caster.

New explosives include the Tin Grenade and Fat Mine, or you can build your own Nuka-Grenade. You can also use GRA Laser and Plasma pistol mods to make them more damaging, and the pack optimizes energy, fusion, and flamer fuel ammo types. Finally, the Mad Bomber perk enhances your explosives and crafting abilities.

The Gun Runners Arsenal pack is coming next week, September 27, for $3.99 to PC via Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Marketplace. That day will also see the release of all four pre-order bonus packs, bundled together for $1.99.