Grand Knights History coming to PSP this winter

XSEED Games has announced plans to publish Grand Knights History, the PlayStation Portable title from developer Vanillaware and Japanese publisher Marvelous Entertainment.

Originally released on September 1 in Japan, Grand Knights History is a turn-based RPG featuring awfully pretty, hand-drawn graphics. The game is expected to launch this winter.


Grand Knights History puts the fate of three powerful nations on an European-inspired medieval continent in the hands of gamers.

"Vanillaware is renowned for their beautiful and striking hand-drawn 2D graphics, and with its stunning visuals and strategic gameplay, Grand Knights History will be a must-have for all PSP owners with a taste for deep, engrossing RPGs," XSEED president Jun Iwasaki said, noting his excitement for the bringing the title to North America.

Players must choose an allegiance with one of the game's three factions, "then progress through offline questing and intense 30-hour online skirmishes." Players can select and customize appearances, jobs, sub-classes, weapon types and more between each member of their team.

According to the press release, "unique massively-multiplayer online functionality allows players to test their knights against others from all corners of North America, without even requiring a constant internet connection."

Grand Knights History will be available as on UMD and via the PlayStation Store in North America. Rising Star Games will publish the title in Europe.