NCIS video game announced by Ubisoft

Murder's a nasty business but, luckily, nowadays we can catch killers by reading impressions of their driver's license in pocket lint, or scanning their fingerprints from reflections in camera phone photographs. Soon you'll get to master such techniques yourself, as Ubisoft has announced it's turning television ridicu-crime drama NCIS into a video game.

Inventively named NCIS, the minigame-based title will let you play as the NCIS gang to solve connected cases in four "episodes" ranging from Atlantic City to Dubai, penned by the show's writers.

You switch between team members so, yes, you will get to cut people open as English gentleman Donald 'Ducky' Mallard, play with satellite tracking as McGee, perform forensic voodoo as perky goth Abby, break perps as Gibbs, and investigate crime scenes as those two boring ones. I'll confess: it's possible that I might have once watched more than a little NCIS during a period of fierce and shameful procrastination.

Though, NCIS has some very funny ideas about video games, so who knows what we'll see?

NCIS is in development for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Nintendo 3DS at an unnamed studio. (Did you know Telltale developed the last Ubisoft-published CSI game?) The European release date is October 28, so we can probably expect it in North America on October 25.

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