Trenched becoming 'Iron Brigade' everywhere; getting survival mode

Legal difficulties saw Double Fine's Trenched renamed 'Iron Brigade' in Europe for its launch later this month. However, technical troubles will see that name change made everywhere. The Xbox Live Arcade mech tower defense-shooter's also getting a new survival mode for free, plus paid DLC.

The workings of XBLA meant that Trenched players would not be able to play with Iron Brigade players, and vice versa, if the game had two names, Double Fine's Greg Rice and Brad Muir explained to Giant Bomb. To remedy this, Iron Brigade will become the official name everywhere when it launches in Europe.

The European name change was mandated by a trademark challenge from the maker of "abstract strategy" board game Trench.

Though only the name is changing, Iron Brigade also had to go through the ESRB ratings process again for North America.

To ring in the change, soldiers in the Mobile Trench Brigade are also being treated to a new wave survival mode. Individual waves are semi-randomized, so it'll differ with each play, and online leaderboards will track how many waves players can survive.

Ten new pieces of loot can be unlocked by playing survival, rewarded every five waves. These include new weapons, such as an area-of-effect slowing gun, plus medical garb for your avatar to equip in the form of doctor's scrubs, a head mirror, and an unpleasant single-finger probing gesture.

On top of that, Iron Brigade's getting paid downloadable content with new levels, hats, jackets, and more. Rice and Muir couldn't say much on Friday, but promised more details in the future.