Metallic Rose DSi XL coming September 18

The 3DS may be Nintendo's new flagship handheld, but that doesn't mean the Japanese gaming giant is about to stop supporting the DS line of hardware. In fact, Nintendo of America has announced a new addition to the DSi XL family, set to arrive in North America on September 18th. That's one day before the release of Kirby Mass Attack for the DS.

The Metallic Rose color is meant for "kids eager to head back to school in style or busy adults with an appetite for on-the-go entertainment." It's also great for people that don't want headaches, and would like a system with decent battery life.

Other color options for Nintendo DSi XL hardware include Bronze, Midnight Blue and Burgundy. Nintendo DSi XL is available at a suggested retail price of $169.99. Yes, the same price as a 3DS.