Dead Rising 2: Off the Record cuts load times in half

One touted feature of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is a reduction to the load times. But how much time can you expect to shave off? Executive producer Jason Leigh has revealed that just like a hapless zombie facing down a chainsaw-wielding Frank West, they've been cut in half.

"We really focused on the load times," said Leigh. "The load times were called out in Dead Rising 2, and this time around they've been halved."


Leigh told Eurogamer that the load times -- and most of the changes in Off the Record -- are responses to fan complaints. The recently announced Sandbox mode is another direct response to fan requests.

"Really this mode was driven from fan response," Leigh said. "[Fans] really wanted Infinity Mode from Dead Rising 1, but rather than that we went for the Terror is Reality multiplayer mode for Dead Rising 2. This time around we couldn't really ignore the fan feedback - they really want this mode, and frankly it would be fun to come into this world without the restrictions of a story just to explore."