Ubisoft Motion Pictures is 'zero risk' thanks to next-gen tech

Ubisoft Motion Pictures is already working on three projects based on the gaming giant's biggest properties: Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell. However, how is Ubisoft attempting to break from the pack--given the consistently terrible quality that most of these films have?

Ubisoft's Alain Corre explained: "The most important thing for us is to control the quality, the production, but to limit the risk and have pre-financing before we launch the creation."

"We develop the first concept and scenario," CEO Yves Guillemot told GI.biz, which should (hopefully) prevent the most egregious offenses of games cinema: not being true to the original property. "Then they will be published by a studio that is going to work to make it of high quality."

The aggressive investment in cinema and TV production may seem odd for a games company, but Guillemot insists that this approach is actually "zero risk," thanks to the growing capabilities of gaming machines. While Guillemot doesn't explicitly draw this conclusion, it seems likely that assets used for film production can easily be used in next generation games. "The two business (TV and film) will actually be very close to the video game creation in the future," Guillemot explained. "Because with next generation consoles, TV series and games will have the same quality in terms of graphics."