Resistance 3 'Survival' paid DLC, free maps announced

Though Resistance 3 launches only today in North America, the downloadable content train is already in motion for Insomniac's PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter. Publisher Sony announced today that a new capture-and-hold multiplayer mode will arrive next month in a $4 DLC pack, along with two free maps for everyone.

The 'Survival' DLC pack adds 'Invasion' mode, which Sony says "challenges humans and Chimera to capture and hold multiple control points for as long as possible." Arriving October 4, it'll also include a new multiplayer skin pack and static XMB theme.

"The mode was developed after the final game was completed and on a separate budget to be exclusively DLC," Insomniac said on Twitter, responding to a fan's complaint that it should've been included with the full game.

A free patch with two new maps for everyone will also arrive on October 4, Sony revealed on the PlayStation Blog.