Star Wars Galaxies' end game detailed

The end is beginning. Sony Online Entertainment is ending its long-running Star Wars Galaxies MMO. The company had promised a "galaxy-ending event." So, how will that work?

"The ongoing Galactic Civil War will escalate further as both sides seek to decisively win the epic conflict," a SOE community manager teased.

"In addition to all of the current Galactic Civil War activities, new events and contests will provide you with new ways to earn Galactic Civil War points and advantages you can use to help your side win."

According to the SWG forums (via Eurogamer), the end will be determined by which side gets more Galactic Civil War points on each server. Depending on who wins, the way the game will end will change, and will alter the final moments of the game. "Celebrations will be in order for those who win and, for the losers, let’s just say they’ll be going out with a bang."

We're expecting a planet-sized explosion, folks.

If you want to take part in the final festivities, you'll need to start a new account by September 15th. After that, the game will close off to the public, letting the community share a few months together, before its end in December.