Resistance 3 beta unlocks skin in full game

The Resistance 3 beta opens up for all PlayStation Network users today. And, as an added incentive, Insomniac Games will be awarding beta testers special content for use in the final game. "We would like as many players as possible to join us and celebrate the conclusion of the beta," Insomniac said. Everyone that logs in to the beta starting today will receive an exclusive multiplayer skin: the "SRPA Nathan Hale" skin from Resistance 2.

In addition to the skin, beta testers will also get an exclusive taunt for use in the final game. "This taunt is definitely NSFW, so don't let your mom see," Insomniac teases. The beta will unlock the "Double Bird" taunt. (And you can figure out what that means.)

The beta closes on September 4th, meaning there isn't much time to take advantage of this offer. Before the beta ends, however, Insomniac is adding one new playlist to the mix. "Classic Hardcore" turns off all Berserks and abilities, and is meant for "players who want to go toe-to-toe without the extras."