Child of Eden added to Kinect bundle

After reading Xav's review of Child of Eden, we assumed you rushed out to the store and bought a copy. "But Andrew," you say. "I don't own a Kinect sensor. And gee golly, $50 is way too much to spend on a game that's only a few hours long."

Well, Microsoft hopes that its newly updated Kinect bundle will grab you.

For the same $150 retail price, the new Kinect bundle will include two games: Kinect Adventures and a download code for Child of Eden. According to Major Nelson, the new bundle will "start appearing in stores next week in all Xbox Live regions." The bundle will be available in "limited quantities and while supplies last." So how do you take advantage of the deal? Make sure you look for the special packaging (pictured above).

In spite of overall critical acclaim, Child of Eden flopped at retail, managing to sell less than 50K units in its first month. In addition to the Kinect release, Ubisoft is working on an updated version for PlayStation Move.