Twisted Metal coming Valentine's Day

Eat Sleep Play head David Jaffe has announced that Twisted Metal will hit on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2012. The heart pumps blood, so that makes blood kind of romantic, right? The announcement came alongside a few moments of new gameplay.

The announcement came from a post on the PlayStation Blog, which also showed a new snippet of gameplay to boot. "With this extra time we've been pouring tuning and tweaking, polish and love into the game," said Jaffe, "and it's totally paying off."

As for the auspicious timing? "It is a very romantic game, as you know," he said. "What I predict is going to happen, is you're going to have people going out to very romantic dinners, and then coming home and playing the crap out of local split-screen. Then obviously we know what happens after that, because there's nothing more romantic than blowing your significant other up with a maniacal demonic ice cream truck."

We'll have to get in touch with Mrs. Jaffe to see if she shares her husband's idea of romance.